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Food Crops News 160

Posted on June 8, 2013
Photo: Dr.Gracer; Cornell Univ., Dr.Piya; Kasetsart Univ., and Dr.Ceballos; CIAT do data collection in 2013 cassava trial harvesting
FOOD CROPS NEWS 160. “Greeting from HoangKim Vietnam to Dr.Ceballos; CIAT and Dr.Gracer; Cornell Univ., Dr.Piya; Kasetsart Univ.and Thai Cassava Family”.


Friends join hands: Thai Cassava and CassavaViet ; Update new result of food crops
Nigeria: Cassava’s Huge Potential As 21st Century Crop
Save and Grow , an environmentally-friendly farming model promoted by FAO that revealed this recently said the growth of Cassava can help turn the staple from a poor people’s food into a 21st Century crop. In a newly-published field guide detailing … <> See all stories on this topic: <>
Challenges facing agriculture in SE Asia
Bangkok Post
Concerns about the tradeoff between “food vs. fuel” first emerged around the use of “first-generation biofuels” which converted food crops such as maize into fuel such as bioethanol. Demand for first-generation biofuels was seen as one of several … <> See all stories on this topic: <>
Cassava’s huge potential as 21st century crop
News dominica
Head of FAO’s Subregional Office for the Caribbean, Dr. J.R. Deep Ford,
welcomes the timeliness of the publication and indicates that this crop
needs to be investigated and developed as one of the future pillars of
Caribbean agriculture – for food …<>See all stories on this topic:<>
GM crops and food security
Biofortified Blog
According to the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) of the United Nations, 868 million people were undernourished in 2010-2012. Food security has much improved in recent decades, as the undernourishment rate dropped from 18.6% in 1990-1992 to … <> See all stories on this topic:<>
Is Genetically Modified Wheat Safe?
Discovery News
Genetically modified wheat has mysteriously turned up in an Oregon field, and while there’s no evidence that the crop is in the food supply, experts say it would be safe to consume. Play Video. How to Make Your Vegetables Healthier. DCI. The strain of … <>
See all stories on this topic: <>
Farmers Urged to Cultivate Right Crops
Earlier in the basic question, Ms Mlata wanted to know whether the government would consider giving equal weight to food crops which doubles as cash crops and give subsides like it has been doing on cash crops. Eng. Chiza noted that the government … <> See all stories on this topic: <>
Public hearing: Genetically modified crops for Wheeler National Wildlife …
The Huntsville Times –
Some of the land in the refuge is used to grow food crops to help support the birds’ migration. A public meeting at Wheeler on June 10, 2013, will consider the use of genetically modified corn and soybeans in the refuge. (The Birmingham News / Joe … <> See all stories on this topic: <>
Greenpeace crop circles appear across India
“Safe food is my right and GM crops are the biggest threat to it,” said Pranay Jasodia, Actuarial Science student of Utpal Sanghvi college in Mumbai, who has joined hands with 20 others to make these intricate crop circles. The design which was 150X180 … <> See all stories on this topic: <>
Meetings focus on genetically modified crops
San Francisco Chronicle
ALEXANDRIA, La. (AP) — Meetings planned in four states will ask people what they think about using genetically modified crops on refuges to provide food for migrating waterfowl. The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service has been taking public comment since … <> See all stories on this topic: <>Putting global food on the map
Arizona Daily Sun
Researchers hailing from Mongolia, India, Turkey, western Europe, New Hampshire, Maryland and Northern Arizona University have just started mapping the world’s crops in the finest detail ever. Ultimately, about 20 people will spend the next five years … <> See all stories on this topic: <>

Food inflation will come down with good rabi crop: Chidambaram
Hindu Business Line
Finance Minister P. Chidambaram today said that food inflation is still high and expressed confidence that it will come down with the full harvest of rabi crops. “Food inflation is still elevated but we hope that it will come down further as full rabi … <> See all stories on this topic: <>

Staple Crops for Food Self-Sufficiency
Mother Earth News
You will find my article Best Staple Crops for Building Food Self-Sufficiency in the June/July 2013 issue of Mother Earth News where I talk about potatoes, sweet potatoes, corn, wheat, peanuts, winter squash, dry beans, cabbage, collards, and kale … <> See all stories on this topic: <>
USDA official goes to bat for crop insurance, food stamp expenditures
Omaha World-Herald
LINCOLN — A top USDA official defended the federal crop insurance program and food stamp expenditures Wednesday. The defense came after a closed-door meeting with Nebraska farmers and ranchers to discuss the farm bill now pending before … <> See all stories on this topic <>
Monsanto says GM crop discovery was sabotage
FOOD Magazine – Australia
Australia’s national science agency, the CSIRO is currently trialling GM wheat crops in NSW and the ACT. The CSIRO have received warnings from scientists across the globe on the potential dangers of genetically modified wheat crops, stating that they … <> See all stories on this topic: <>China to maintain food self-sufficiency: report
China Daily
… Print Mail Large Medium Small. BEIJING – China will remain self-sufficient in the main food crops, though output will slow in the next decade under increasing resource and rural labor constraints, according to a new forecast by two international … <> See all stories on this topic:<>U research measures ‘crop per drop’
Minnesota Daily
“If we’re using water in agriculture,” she said, “are we getting enough food bang for our water buck? If we’re making tradeoffs, are we making good tradeoffs?” The research took a theoretical approach to isolate the lowest performing crops and see what … <> See all stories on this topic: <>Genetically modified cotton helps farmers escape malnutrition
Los Angeles Times
“GM crops are not a panacea for the problems of hunger and malnutrition,” the researchers concluded. “But the evidence suggests that GM crops can be an important component in a broader food security strategy. … The nutritional benefits could further … <,0,1703252.story> See all stories on this topic:<,0,1703252.story&hl=en&geo=us>

Investing In Specialty Crops
Eighty percent of the funding that is in the Farm Bill Act actually goes towards food and nutrition programs like the SNAP program, which is food stamps. Only about twenty percent actually goes towards the agricultural community – and less than a third … <> See all stories on this topic: <>

As health fears ebb, Africa looks at easing GM crop bans
Caroline Theka, an environment officer in Malawi, said that country had approved trials for modified cotton but not for modified food crops. Elsewhere, trials are focused on crops tailored to local markets and conditions, like insect-resistant black … <,_Africa_looks_at_easing_GM_crop_bans.html?cid=36074760> See all stories on this topic: <,_Africa_looks_at_easing_GM_crop_bans.html%3Fcid%3D36074760&hl=en&geo=us>

China to remain self-reliant in main food crops: OECD –
Agra Net
China will remain self-sufficient in its main food crops with food security continuing to improve towards 2022 despite resource constraints and rising demand, … <>

Twist in the Tale: GM crop adds to Food Security
Forbes India (blog)
Any news, debate, or opinion on genetically modified crops is polarizing today; people are either vehemently for it or fanatically opposed to it. It’s very difficult to keep the science and technology side of it separate from the business interests of … <> See all stories on this topic:<>

Food industry in Australia unstable
Daily Liberal
The US-based multinational Simplot said food manufacturing plants at these centres would shut down if they can’t become competitive. The Bathurst operation employs 167 permanent staff and the Devonport plant 158, but hundreds more are employed as … <> See all stories on this topic: <>

In Lincoln, USDA official defends crop subsidies, food stamps
Omaha World-Herald
Some critics say the U.S. should reduce taxpayer subsidies of crop
insurance premiums and cap benefits, particularly in light of recent
record-high farm revenue. Meanwhile, Congressional conservative and
liberals are sparring over cuts to food stamp …
See all stories on this topic:<>

Putting the Culture Back in Agriculture: Reviving Native Food and Farming …
Huffington Post
Throughout history, humans have cultivated about 7,000 species of plants. In the last century, three-quarters of the genetic diversity of agricultural crops have been lost. Thirty crops now provide 95% of our food needs, with rice, wheat, maize, and … <> See all stories on this topic:<>

The Fateful Futur e Of Chemical Agriculture – OpEd
Eurasia Review
To maintain its astounding billions of dollars of sales levels of Roundup, Monsanto had to find a way to stop killing the crops it was using its herbicide to protect. Thus, one of the world’s leading chemical companies entered the food business. Along …<> all stories on this topic: <

farmer sings praises of food waste fertiliser
Witney Gazette
For the second year running, James Price, 34, has been using fertiliser made from West Oxfordshire residents’ food waste to grow his crops. He buys the nutrient-rich liquid, called digestate, worth £7 a tonne, from the composting site in Cassington … <> See all stories on this topic: <>

Plant Other Crops, Bomet Maize Farmers Told
BOMET county agriculture executive committee member Elizabeth Langat has reiterated the need by farmers to embrace other food crops as the government battle the maize lethal necrosis disease. Mrs Langat said it was important for farmers in the county … <> See all stories on this topic:

Farmer’s diary : Guarding against food spoilage
Daily Monitor
Household animals such as goats or chicken may eat or contaminate food crops spread out in the yard to dry. The farmer must constantly be on the look out to ensure timely harvesting and to safeguard the food throughout the post-harvesting process. <—Guarding-against-food-spoilage/-/689860/1872934/-/r3feh1z/-/index.html> See all stories on this topic: <—Guarding-against-food-spoilage/-/689860/1872934/-/r3feh1z/-/index.html&hl=en&geo=us>

Imports bite food maker Simplot
Queensland Country Life
The plant closures would lead to the loss of around 325 permanent and 140 seasonal jobs, leave Tasmanian and NSW vegetable growers struggling to sell their crops and force more food processing offshore, The Australian Financial Review reports.
<> See all stories on this topic: <>

Should Consumers Be Worried About Genetically Modified Food?
U.S. News & World Report
“This crop may be safe to eat, or it may not be. We don’t know because we haven’t done the proper scrutiny.” Other countries, including the European Union, regulate genetically modified food far more tightly than does the U.S., claiming that there are … <> See all stories on this topic: <>

Allergies to Monoculture Food Crops Growing |
Not so long ago a family farm produced a myriad of crops for the family and local community, including vegetables, corn, squash, cabbage and others. Today’s … <>

PLOS ONE: Genetically Modified Crops and Food Security
Abstract. The role of genetically modified (GM) crops for food security is the subject of public controversy. GM crops could contribute to food production increases … <>

Genetically modified crops have greatly improved our food supply
Genetically modified crops have greatly improved our food supply. Story · Comments. Print: Create a hardcopy of this page; Font Size: Default font size: Larger font size. Posted: Tuesday, June 4, 2013 1:17 pm. Genetically modified crops have greatly …\ <> See all stories on this topic:<>

Stop using crop-based biofuel, says MP committee
The Green (blog)
The UK should cut food waste, reduce meat consumption and ensure that agricultural crops are not used as transport fuel, a committee of MPs says. Releasing its new report, Global Food Security, the International Development Committee (IDC) advises that … <> See all stories on this topic: <>

Stop GE Crop Field Trials
Food Consumer
As we’ve warned for over a decade, GE crops simply can’t be controlled once they’re released into the environment. The fact is that environmental contamination is inevitable when companies like Monsanto are allowed to experiment with nature and our … <> See all stories on this topic: <>

The Unfolding Monsanto Saga:
Europe Rejects GMO Crops;
America Seeks … Center for Research on Globalization In a previous article, “Meet Monsanto’s number-one lobbyist: Barack Obama,” I detailed Obama’s horrendous record when it comes to allowing new GMO crops to enter the food chain, and his outrageous appointments of ex-Monsanto stalwarts to important … <> See all stories on this topic: <>

Say NO to GMOs in Your Food
Town Hall
The Chicago Tribune reported that because genetically modified organisms are not listed on food or ingredient labels, few Americans realize they’re eating GMO foods every day. Genetically modified crops constitute 93 percent of soy, 86 percent of corn …
<> See all stories on this topic: <>

Big agri keeps food content a secret
Kokomo Perspective
The final destinations for these crops following harvest this fall will be livestock feed and, in one form or another, food for our tables. No one will know that though because none will be labeled “GMO,” or genetically modified. That label is required … <> See all stories on this topic: <>

Ohio farm, garden tour series is coming up
Mansfield News Journal
This year’s tours and workshops include dairy farming and processing, diversified organic production, pasture-raised livestock and poultry, composting, permaculture, specialty crops, cut flowers, agri-tourism, urban farming, cover crops, season ..<> <>

Same mission, new director at CT NOFA
The intent is to require labeling of foods that contain ingredients from crops or animals that have been transgenically altered by humans. These are classified as GMOs, thanks to federal regulations set in the 1980s that allowed the first commercial … <> See all stories on this topic: <>

Allergies to Monoculture Food Crops Growing – Waking Times …
Allergies to Monoculture Food Crops Growing. … Today’s farms are a different proposition altogether, and monoculture food production is not only proving to be …

Allergies to Monoculture Food Crops Growing |
Health (Before It’s News).
Allergies to Monoculture Food Crops Growing. Not so long ago a family farm produced a myriad of crops for the family and local community, …<>

MPs: Ban crop-based biofuels from UK green transport targets
Business Green (blog)
“Biofuel crops not only displace food crops but are in some cases providing
energy sources that are potentially more damaging to the environment than
fossil fuels,” he added. “So while we recognise that refining the RFTO will
make it harder for the UK …<> See all stories on this topic:

‘Stop burning food for fuel’, says Stafford MP Jeremy Lefroy
Burton Mail
Mr Lefroy joined ActionAid campaigners to call for an end to burning food crops to fuel cars while one in eight people worldwide go hungry every day. The charity collected thousands of signatures from around the country on symbolic ‘grains of wheat … <> See all stories on this topic: <>

New alternative to wheat and maize set to take off
The FAO Save and Grow model – an environmentally friendly farming model – can sustainably increase cassava yields by up to 400% and help turn this staple from a poor people’s food crop into a 21st-century crop, the FAO says. One reason driving … <> See all stories on this topic: <>

Monsanto gives up on multi-million pound genetically modified crop drive
Daily Mail
The American ‘Frankenstein Food’ giant Monsanto is giving up on a multi-million pound drive to force GM crops on to dinner tables in Britain and Europe. The company said the decision has been driven by the fact that the vast majority of farmers and … <> See all stories on this topic: <>

GM crops and India’s grain exports
To have, or not to have, genetically modified (GM) crops, is a raging controversy in India today. While opponents of GM crops cite several reasons for rejecting such technologies, many argue that we cannot afford to ignore this option. The threat to …<> See all stories on this topic:

Europe’s GM stance denies Africa the right to feed itself, warns leading academic
The Independent
At the behest of Europe, many countries in Africa have laws and rules that limit the testing and cultivation of GM plants even though there is now overwhelming evidence that the technology can boost food production with comparatively little or no .<> See all stories on this topic: <>

Allergies to Monoculture Food Crops Growing |
GreenMedInfo | Blog …
Allergies to Monoculture Food Crops Growing. Not so long ago a family farm produced a myriad of crops for their family and neighbors. Today’s farms are a … <>

CLIMATE CHANGE: Fungi offer non-GM way to enhance food … –
Fungi and other microbes could enable food crops like maize, wheat and rice to grow in high temperatures and salty soils, and even withstand erratic rainfall, … <>

If you’re new to gardening, it’s best to start small
Springfield News-Leader
Your new garden could be ornamental plants, food or a combination of both. Knowing the kind of garden you want will help you decide where to put the garden. Most food crops are full-sun plants, needing at least six to preferably eight hours of direct sun. <> See all stories on this topic: <>

Advanced biofuel crop could improve farmers’ income
Jakarta Post
“I really hope the camelina shrub will be able to improve the wealth of local farmers as they will not be dependent only on food crops,” agency head Akhmad Dawam said on the sidelines of the planting on Wednesday. The shrubs were planted, widely spaced … <> See all stories on this topic: <>

The exotic plants to try before you die
The experts believe that with 80 per cent of the world’s food coming from a handful of plants, it is time that a wider selection is used. Dr Wolfgang Stuppy, a seed and fruit specialist at Kew, said: “Rice is a staple food for something like 40 to 60 … <>
See all stories on this topic: <>

Are genetically modified foods safe?
Friday, The Huffington Post reported that Monsanto will halt promotion of genetically modified crops in Europe. The decision followed a world-wide protest of Monsanto and GMOs on May 25. The company stopped lobbying for cultivation of the genetically … <> See all stories on this topic <>

R&D key to food security
Queensland Country Life
However, scientists could still be at risk of “having their hands tied” by community attitudes or indifference to challenges facing the food supply chain – including public scepticism about genetically modified (GM) crops.
“It’s essential we make sure …
See all stories on this topic:

GM crops and India’s grain exports
The threat to our food grain exports has often been cited as one of the reasons for not allowing GM crop trials. Is this a genuine concern, or is it a mere ruse to influence policymakers against technologies that can potentially help our agricultural … <> See all stories on this topic:<>

Improving ‘crop per drop’ could boost global food security and water …
PAUL (05/29/2013) —Improvements in crop water productivity — the amount
of food produced per unit of water consumed — have the potential to
improve both …

IRIN Middle East | AFRICA: Finding the food crops of the future …
IRIN Middle East | AFRICA: Finding the food crops of the future | Angola |
Burkina Faso | Burundi | Benin | Botswana | DRC | Central African Republic
| Congo …<>

Farmer donates crop: El Paso food bank harvests tons of lettuce – El …
The El Pasoans Fighting Hunger organization collected more than 12000
pounds of lettuce from …<>

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